family business Richmond Interiors

As a recognized family company stands Richmond Interiors Since the 1980s for a perfect mix of classic elegance and modern design. With a variety of furniture that ranges from simple to striking designs Richmond Interiors The right piece for every home. Whether you prefer the country house charm or the demanding long-island style, our collections combine cosiness with functionality.

The collections of Richmond Interiors

Discover the impressive variety and the unique character of the collections of Richmond Interiors: Starting with the striking beauty of the Ironville and Blackbone rows, which achieve modern aesthetics through the use of dark wood and metallic accents, right down to the fresh and open design of the Whitebone and Bloomstone, which are characterized by bright tones and natural materials. The ranks of Hampton and Kensington enchant with their traditional charm, enriched by a contemporary shoot, while the bliss and Belfort collections seduce with their gentle contours and cozy charisma. Explore the Mayfield and Lexington rows for a constant elegance, the Luxor and Novas rows that inspire with a touch of splendor, as well as the Classio and Rostelli series, connect classic craftsmanship with modern design. For supporters of the Scandinavian design, the Bloomingville series presents minimalist beauty, whereas the Hunter and Oakura rows convince with their robust choice of materials and pronounced forms. The Redmond, Chandon and Collada rows stand out through their innovative designs and striking elements, while the cambon, avalon and oakdal collections complete the offer with their adaptability and excellent processing. Each row of Richmond Interiors is characterized by their individuality and stylish orientation to transform every living space into a place of well -being.